Server Training

   There are approximately 17,000 people killed each year in alcohol-related automobile accidents in the United States. That is about 40% of all the vehicle fatalities in this country. In 1997 the rate in Delaware was 45%. Alcohol-related accidents cause more than 50,000 serious injuries each year.
   Alcohol is a factor in about 50 - 70% of all the pedestrian fatalities in this country each year. Surveys indicate that approximately 50% of all the intoxicated drivers on the road come from commercial establishments. In 1996, records indicated that 61% of the intoxicated drivers on Delaware roads were coming from commercial establishments.
   This is an indication that bartenders, waiters and waitresses are over serving these patrons. Surveys such as these, indicate the need for alcohol-related training programs and were very much a part of the reason that House Bill #65 was passed in Delaware in July of 1991. This is the law that mandates trained alcohol beverage servers in Delaware.

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